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Item # Description
202 Bore 1 Cylinder
202A Bore OS Cylinder
203 Resleeve Cylinder
204 Polish Crank Shaft
204A Grind Crank Shaft
204B Grind CS 7M6C
205 Fit Pins/Align Rods
206 Press Ass/Align Rods
207 Recondition Rods
207A CK Rod For Recon
208 Valve Job 3 Cylinder
208A Cam/Rocker RR
208B Valve Job 4 Cylinder
208C Valve Job 6 Cylinder
209 Clean & Reface Valve
210 Inst/Bore Vavle Guide
210A inst Guides AL HDS
210B Inst Guildes ST HDS
211 Resur Cyl Head
211A Resur Block
212 Line Hone Block
213 Min Shop Charge
314 Inst Valve Seat Ring 2 or More
314B Hard Seat One Only
315 Soak Block
316 Magnflux Head
316A Magnaflux Block
316B Pressure Test Head
317 Inst Cam Bearings
318 Flywheel Flat
318A Flywheel 2 Step
318C Flywheel Flat w/Pins
318D Flywheel 2 Step w/Pins
318E Turn One Rotor
318F Turn One Drum
319 Assemble Short Block
319A Assemble Comp Block
320 Balance Motor
321 R/R Axel Bearing (Front)
321A R/R Axel Bearing (Back
322 Magnaflux Crank
323 Magnaflux Rod
324 Magnaflux Small Parts
335 Cam R&R w/Valve Adjustment



  • All Pro is among my top shops for racing know-how. They really know how to compete!

    - Customer

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