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The 1970’s started out well enough. Many consider 1970 as the pinnacle year for classic muscle cars.  Then the world changed, fuel prices began to rise, the insurance companies started raising rates and the economy began to slow down. By 1974 all the original muscle cars were just shadows of their former selves.  Performance was no longer a consideration for the automotive customer was looking for fuel economy, not tire burning performance. The Mustang was neutered, the ‘Cuda and Challenger were discontinued. The Chargers and Chevelles were now mid-priced luxury cars. The only cars to continue the tradition were the Firebird and the Camaro. Although, they too were much less powerful than they’d been just a few years earlier.

Nothing much happened until the Ford Mustang was reintroduced in 1979 as a performance model. The market had rested long enough. By 1982 a new Camaro and Firebird were rolled out. In 1984 Chevrolet introduced a new Corvette.  Buick decided to shake things up with the Grand National. By 1987 the Grand National had become one of the fiercest muscle cars ever. Performance was back. Muscle cars continued to gradually improve all the way to the turn of the century. The cars kept getting better and better and by the late 1990’s these new muscle cars out did their classic muscle cars in every category. Performance, comfort, reliability and fuel consumption were all much better than they were in the 1960s. Amazingly, no one cared. Sales were down across the board. GM even stopped production of the Camaro and Firebird in 2002.

In 2005 Ford redesigned the Mustang and for the third time, the Mustang changed the automotive landscape. Sales exploded and people loved the retro look. At the same time, Chrysler developed a new line of rear wheel drive intermediates and the Charger with an optional HEMI engine was born. The muscle car was back. Dodge followed up the Charger with a retro Challenger and Chevrolet is racing to re-introduce a classic Camaro.  The muscle car is back.


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