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Muscle Cars in the 60’s:

Ford was the next manufacturer to hit a home run with a performance car. The Mustang changed everything. Anyone with eyes saw that good performance, good looks and an affordable price sold cars. General Motors quickly added the Chevelle Super Sport, the Buick Gran Sport and the Olds 442 to its muscle car stable. The boys at mopar began stuffing HEMIs and big blocks into everything they could. Chargers, Coronets and GTXs all became legends. The rare HEMI and the much more practical and accommodating 440ci big blocks were street terrors. Ford had the Fairlane and the Galaxies for those wanting something a little larger than the original pony car.

Ford’s competitors raced furiously to introduce pony cars of their own. Plymouth quickly launched the Barracuda and even beat the Mustang to market. By 1967 GM introduced the Camaro and the Firebird. The next year AMC launched the AMX and the Javelin. Chrysler finally introduced viable pony cars in 1970 with the introduction of the Challenger and the newly designed Barracuda.

By the end of the decade, performance models were available everywhere and anyone with a down payment could spend their weekends burning rubber. It was the golden age of the muscle car.


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